Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some Changes!

KITCHY/UOMO is now Kitchy Boutique! Same sim, slightly different front entrance, here is the new SLurl:

School has - unfortunately - taken over my life once again, and instead of making all you fashion crazed maniacs (and i mean that in the nicest possible way, lol) out there suffer, i have decided to consolidate and simplify! I have drastically reduced my inventory, and will have less frequent releases for the time being. The new store is stylish and smaller, i think you'll find it easier to navigate your way around. :) 10% off for group members is still active...that being said..i have 2 new releases, one each for guys and girls!

Ladies, a solution for your preppy side! This new outfit is aptly named Prep, and comes with a plaid jacket, undertank, black jeans, and prim cuffs!

Men, a new release a bit apart from the norm. Shabby has a frilled tuxedo styled dress shirt and plaid pants! You definitely can't hide in this outfit! ;)

Also, looking for a nice place to live? Have a homeless friend that you want to get out of your house? Come check out Kitchy Rentals! Currently there are 4 lovely rental homes available, behind the shop, but privacy screened so you won't even know the rest of the world exists! Only 350L for 200 prims! Come check it out!

Kitchy Rentals, Beryllium (29, 162, 22)

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