Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Releases for KITCHY & UOMO! (yay!)

Newness for guys and girls!

Party is a fun flouncy dress with black ribbon trim, buttons, and tulle underskirt! Perfect for a regular day or holiday/after holiday parties! Comes in gray, pink, purple, and blue.

This new release, and all future releases with prim skirts will also include SKIRT FLOW! This is a specially scripted prim skirt that allows the skirt to lay naturally when you sit, instead of falling through your avatar!

More info at the end of this post!

Two new items for the guys...first up, some basic but sexy ribbed turtlenecks, a great winter staple!

And also, an outfit, with many different options! Crew includes a herringbone blazer (in brown or dark gray), a plaid dress shirt opened at the collar to show a tshirt underneath (in 4 colors, tucked and untucked versions) and jeans with either a black or brown belt. Four different color coordinated options are available, or a fat pack for ultimate mixing and matching!

Don't forget, I am accepting entries for this weeks ladies skin giveaway until Wednesday! Come to the shop for details and to enter! (Entry box is by the New Items)

Also, in addition to listing new releases in my blog, i will also be listing them on the 'What's New In Second Life' blog. So if you like all-in-one's, this site is for you, and you can still catch all the great KITCHY/UOMO new releases!

**Skirt Flow Info:

Each outfit will now include one regular prim skirt and one scripted prim skirt. Skirt will already be placed for the basic standing and sitting SL animations, and instructions to modify the skirt to your specific AOs are included. Eventually, older items will be updated, and I will notify when they are so you can get an updated skirt if you so choose.

This script was made by Yoko Kiebach, who makes a personal version (so you can make all your non-Kitchy prim skirts pretty too!) available on SL-exchange.

Yoko also makes a commercial version:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases

First, my congratulations to Tanya Book, the first winner of the Kitchy Skin Giveaway! Submissions are now open again, so come along to the store to enter for a chance to win a free skin!!!

Shop SLurl:

Also, there is a saucy new release for the ladies, and it's not for the faint of heart! ;) Sequins and glitz adorn this very sexy lingerie set, just in time for a special New Year's evening! Make it a night to remember! Comes in 4 colors; silver, gold, red, and turquoise.

Lastly, ALL Christmas themed outfits have been moved to a new clearance area and are set at 50% off!!! They will be removed after the new year, snatch them up while you can! Teleporter to clearance is on the main floor.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Christmas Fun!

More Christmas outfits for guys and girls! (available separately, or buy both and get 100L off!)

Ladies, show your softer side with Christmas Angel, complete with halo and wings, it's a gorgeous babydoll dress with feathery fringe and a decorative poof on the chest (and there's a pretty heart buckle underneath, if poofs are not your thing!).

Guys, be MORE dashing than normal, with this update of an earlier outfit to match your girl! The outfit (*cough* Dashing) now comes with a white shirt and white buckle so you and your lady will complement each other at your fabulous Christmas parties!

Also, i will be collecting entries for the first FREE SKIN drawing until Monday! One entry per person please! Come by the store for details and to enter.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases!

First, just a reminder that I am having a weekly skin giveaway to promote my new skins! Come by the store for details and to enter! (entry box is by new items - one entry per person)

There are two new releases, one for those fancy Christmas parties and one for when you're feeling sexy casual!

A renaissance inspired gown, with a Christmas twist! Great for your fancy holiday parties, or any special evening!


A sexy plunging neckline combined with a soft cozy button down sweater, who could ask for more?

Free Skin Giveaway!

To promote my new skins, I will be offering a weekly drawing for a free skin! Stop by the store for details and to enter!


Thursday, December 13, 2007


For a limited time (i.e. as long as i feel like it *grins*) all 4 colors of these adorable reindeer earmuffs are FREE!!! Come get em, cause they won't be free forever!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*KITCHY*/UOMO New Releases, exciting info!

So much exciting fun this week!

First, KITCHY/UOMO has a brand new location!!! I got tired of taking up all my land with a monstrosity of a store, and wanted a place with some landscaping. Make sure to take note of the new landmark! (The old store will be up for another day or so for stragglers, but all new releases are at the new location)


Next, I am now offering *KITCHY* SKINS!! To start there are 4 skintones (light, medium, tan, and deep) with 5 makeup shades each. (you can purchase individually or together) The skins are located straight back from the entrance (behind the "NEW" walls). I've included a few pictures so you get the main idea, but there is much more available at the store. For now, all skins come with just one option for eyebrows/pubic hair, but there will possibly be more options in the future depending on demand. So come on over and try a demo!

And last, but not least, a couples Christmas outfit named Holiday. The women's outfit includes vinyl bikini top with white fur trim, vinyl undies with santa belt, stockings (with belted trim, fun!), glitch pants (also with belt) and prim skirt. Men's is a pair of pajama pants with the same santa belt and prim fur cuffs. These are available seperately or together at a discount!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases

Hello! Some exciting news this week...from the ewing fashion agency blog (if you haven't read this already):

"...Ewing Fashion Agency (”EFA”) and OnRez announced the creation of the Ewing Design Awards in Second Life. With the Ewing Design Awards, EFA and OnRez are creating a global online contest that will unite the entire Second Life community in a celebration of the best that Second Life fashion has to offer. " guessed it, i placed an entry in the contest! This outfit is exclusive only to this can check it out (and purchase it!) at several different places:

OnRez website:

At the Ewing Fashion District:

or at my store:

The only way to win the contest is to get the most votes via purchases made. So if you like it (and me! lol) purchase the outfit at any of the above locations.

You can also get more information about the contest from the EFA blog:


I also have a fun new release...aptly named "Play". A sexy short buttoned up dress with plenty of cleavage and a beautiful brocade fabric. Check it out!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

UOMO New Release: Dashing

Guys, prepare to get the stares when you wear this outfit! Dashing includes a short sleeved dress shirt and dress pants with coordinating leather belt! Comes in 4 colors, including red and green for the holidays! ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases!

Mix and Match fun!

My newest releases look awesome alone, or together! Foxy is a sexy weaved belly bearing sweater with a ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem. Wear it alone and make the guys to double takes, or wear it with my other release, Tankies, to cover up those nips! ;)

Tankies are heathered cotton tank tops in every color of the rainbow! Enjoy them alone, or pair them with Foxy and play with the color combos!

**These new releases are copy/mod/no trans, so they come in all layers!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

New build, new stuff, and FREEBIES!

Well, it seemed like time for a change. I got sick of my cramped store with 3 stories, and I wanted UOMO to become more a part of Kitchy, SO...i created a brand new build that puts both men's and women's stuff in one building, and leaves plenty of room to grow. In addition to a new look, i also have a few new releases for the men and women, and freebies for everyone!!!

Slinky is a sexy short dress with a super plunge neckline and low back. It's a show stopper!!! Comes in 6 fabulous colors.

The FREEBIE is a dress called Candy. It's a white dress with a red patent leather belt and a rainbow polkadot underskirt and puffed sleeves. So much fun!

For fall, I've created some warm sexy cable knit sweaters and preppy cords. Perfect for relaxing in front of the fireplace or going for a walk in the brisk fall air! Both come in 6 colors.

The mens FREEBIE is a simple but hot tshirt and jeans combo. You will love the way you look in this outfit!

Monday, October 29, 2007

More Clearance and New Releases!

Fun for both men and women this week!

First off, I just added a bunch of older women's stuff to the clearance section on the third floor of *KITCHY*. All clearance items are 50% off!!!

Logo tees:
Some great tshirts with funny and interesting sayings, perfect conversation starters!

Premium Jeans:
Completely hand drawn and detailed, these jeans will blow you away! Available in pants layers, or seperately as an underwear layer for wearing with your fall boots! Each color option comes with a normal and holey version.

Logo tees:
I didn't leave the men out of the tshirt fun! Some hilarious options here on a sexy heathered knit fabric, go nuts!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UOMO New Release: Warmup Set

Perfect for those casual days or for when it's too cold out to go jogging in shorts! ;) This new warmup set comes in 4 basic colors; white, black, blue and red. Let's get physical!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Release: Lady

Lady is a sweet knit top in fun unexpected color combos (red/purple, orange/white, blue/yellow, green/purple, and charcoal/pink), come check it out!

Also, since I forgot to mention it earlier, congrats to Carren Boyd (pictured below), winner of the 1000L random drawing!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

UOMO New Releases: Suede Blazer and Ribbed Sweaters

A couple of new things for UOMO:

First, a great basic but sexy ribbed sweater, perfect for fall, with subtle shading to show off those pecs! Comes in 8 colors (charcoal, dark blue, gray, green, light blue, red, tan and white)

Also, a buttery soft suede blazer, the ladies won't be able to stop touching you in this one! (comes in black, blue, brown, gray, light tan, pumpkin, red, and tan)

To be notified in world of new UOMO releases, join the Kitchy Update Group. Go to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update group, or IM Kitridge DeSantis!

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Releases: Crochet and Rhinestone Jeans

A couple of seperates this week, first a fantastic crochet jacket wrapped with a satin bow. Comes in blue, red, white, and black, and has 2 tanks to go underneath in white and black.

Also, some sparkly jeans to go with! These jeans come in 4 colors (black, deep, medium and light), each is encrusted with rhinestones on the thighs and pockets!

Hope you enjoy these releases!

To join the Kitchy Update Group, go to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group, or IM Kitridge DeSantis.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases!!!

Winner of *KITCHY* 1000L contest will be announced soon via group notice!

First, a new release ...Elegance is a gorgeous dress with a lace overlay, flutter sleeves and *3* skirt options! You can wear Elegance as a short dress with a tulle overskirt, a long dress with tulle overskirt, or a short dress with no tulle! Comes in 4 yummy colors: Black, peach, turquoise, and white!

And speaking of white...while creating this dress i realized that the white version makes a simple but *gorgeous* wedding dress! So i've created a seperate ad so you can see how lovely it really is, plus i re-worked a previous dress (Glam) to make it wedding worthy. Both are beautiful in their simplicity, and are an introduction to *KITCHY* Wedding! I'll be adding wedding dresses periodically to the collection, so keep watch those of you who are affianced! ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Introducing my new men's line: UOMO.

UOMO will keep you looking fresh and sexy, and will love the way your man looks in these clothes!

Come check it out, next to *KITCHY*, just across the river. Some great basics to start out, much more in the future!

New releases will always be sent through the Kitchy Update Group, so if you are a guy, or have guy friends, let em know to sign up at Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group or IM Kitridge DeSantis to be added!

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Release: Jill

A cute outfit that's casual enough to go out and have fun, but serious enough to wear for business occasions! Check out the fun details like little anchor buttons on the pants and pushed up sleeves on the turtleneck! The perfect outfit for fall! Comes in 4 rich colors: wisteria, lipstick, clover and river.

And now for some fun news!

First, a small contest! To celebrate hitting and surpassing 200 members of the Kitchy Update Group, i will be keeping track of all purchases for the next week (9/21 - 9/27). Then i will randomly pick one person who is a group member and made a purchase within that time period. That person will win....1000L!!! So if you're not a group member go to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group and join!

Also, there is a treasure hunt this week at Ohana Isle, where i have one of my shops, come get lots of great free treasure, including a *KITCHY* prize!

It's going to be a fun week!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Release: Glam

A dress that is sure to catch everyone's eye, Glam is a full length formal gown with a sequined top and bordered with a satin ribbon. It's finished off with a sheer pleated double layered skirt that will make you the belle of the ball! Comes in 4 lush colors: firecracker, shadow, mermaid, and thistle.

Also, i'm starting a new system for my ad textures. As you will probably notice in the picture of Glam, the ad shows a full length picture, and the colors/fabric on the side. It looks this way in the store as well. Just hover your mouse over the color/fabric swatch to purchase an individual color, or hover over the large box showing the picture of the modeled dress to buy a fatpack of all the colors!
Lastly, as mentioned in my last post, i am currently occupying the free shop at ETD (yay!). Just letting you all know that it will be there till the end of october, and I will try to put my most current releases there as well, tho it may lag a couple days behind due to RL busy-ness. (if that's a word...) :P Either way, enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Release: Curves!

Curves is a delicate dress with two different looks. Wear with the lacy prim skirt for a soft innocent look, or go without for a body skimming sophisticated feel! Comes in 4 pastel colors: swan, sunshine, wave, and blush.

Also, exciting news! My clothing line has been chosen to occupy the free shop at ETD starting this weekend thru the end of October. So now you can get your *KITCHY* and ETD fix at the same time! *squeee* ETD should re-open sometime very soon, check out Elika's blog for updates:
And as usual, if you would like to be notified in world of my new releases, and be included in random prize winning, join the Kitchy Update group! (in world go to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group, or IM Kitridge DeSantis to be added) Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Release: Clubbin!

A sexy bustier and super short mini-skirt with matching belt and trim. Perfect for those hot nights out on the club circuit! ;D

Also, earlier this week the Kitchy Update Group broke 100 members *squeeeee* and to celebrate I sent out a group IM for the first 5 to respond to get a free outfit! Congratulations to the following winners:
Kristal Meadowbrook

Kirey Rang

Dixie Miles
Eclair Niven

AnnaMarie Docherty

Check out one of the winners Kristal Meadowbrook happily showing off her new duds! ;)

Thanks to everyone who is a member and keep your eyes peeled for more fun and games! If you would like to join up, go in world to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group, or IM Kitridge DeSantis!

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Release: Soft!

I created this knit dress last week when the cool weather came thru my my area and it was a wonderful cool 60 degrees and cloudy, totally made me want fall! Of course it's back to steamy humid high 80s now, but i can wear this outfit on SL and dream of cooler days to come! *grins* This dress comes with fun flared prim sleeves or leave them off and the regular sleeves are just as pretty! Enjoy with your favorite boots and cozy up with someone special!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Release: Skin Lingerie

Sexy, but practical and useful, Skin is my lingerie line that begins with great bra/panty sets! Fun prints and colors, four to start, more to come!

Also, in addition to my main store I have added a shop on the new Ohana Isle sim, which is owned by Eolande Elvehjem (Accessories by Eolande) and includes Club 33 and a great Marketplace with tons of fun merchandise! Eolande is holding a treasure hunt for the sim opening this weekend, which includes a *KITCHY* treasure! So come check it out, and have fun shopping and partying! ;D

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Release: Zesty!

A hot little number for clubbing or just when you feel like showing some skin. Zesty includes a lowcut top with peekaboo front, crisscross back strings and a super short skirt. Comes in 5 pinstriped colors! (red hot, platinum, onyx, blue topaz, and fern). See you on the dance floor!

**Also, starting today i'm moving some of my outfits to the 3RD FLOOR, which will be clearance! All clearance items will be 50% off!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Release: Star!

Great alone or in layers, Star is a long shirt (on the jacket layer) with sheer star cutouts. Be daring and wear alone, or wear with the white bra that comes with it to cover up a bit more. You can even wear it with different color tanks underneath to make fun color combinations! (psst, this shirt works great with *KITCHY* Tanks, hehehe). Comes in blue, green, lavender, lemonade, magenta, and orange. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Release: Rhinestone!

Another gorgeous dress for your enjoyment, this one has a rhinestone accented prim bow, adding something a little extra and unexpected. :) Comes in 4 colors: black, merlot, seafoam, and bronze.

*Also, just wanted to mention I created a new build. I was getting tired of my generic looking exterior and wanted something new. My new store looks mostly the same on the interior, but the exterior is spiffed up and has a 3rd floor that will be used in the future for clearance items, so keep a look out for that! :D

Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Release: Summer Staples!

Because i don't always like walking around SL in a full length gown or decked to the nines, i created a few basics that i LOVE. A great set of cordoroy pants and some fabulous (and cheap!) ribbed tanks. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Release: Ribbon!

It's the perfect dress for those semi-formal get togethers or for a night out dancing. My newest release Ribbon, is an elegant white strapless dress with a low back and a satin ribbon to tie it all together! Comes in 5 gorgeous, rich colors (claret, gilded, spruce, royal purple, and cornflower).