Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Release!

Thank goodness for SL, where we can wear slinky floral dresses even when it's snowing and below zero in RL! Such is the inspiration for my newest release Tropic! A gorgeous satiny formal gown with tropical floral print, comes in red, purple, orange, and blue. SKIRTFLOW! prim skirts included!

I'm feeling warmer already!

Remember, group members get 10% off all new releases!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some Changes!

KITCHY/UOMO is now Kitchy Boutique! Same sim, slightly different front entrance, here is the new SLurl:

School has - unfortunately - taken over my life once again, and instead of making all you fashion crazed maniacs (and i mean that in the nicest possible way, lol) out there suffer, i have decided to consolidate and simplify! I have drastically reduced my inventory, and will have less frequent releases for the time being. The new store is stylish and smaller, i think you'll find it easier to navigate your way around. :) 10% off for group members is still active...that being said..i have 2 new releases, one each for guys and girls!

Ladies, a solution for your preppy side! This new outfit is aptly named Prep, and comes with a plaid jacket, undertank, black jeans, and prim cuffs!

Men, a new release a bit apart from the norm. Shabby has a frilled tuxedo styled dress shirt and plaid pants! You definitely can't hide in this outfit! ;)

Also, looking for a nice place to live? Have a homeless friend that you want to get out of your house? Come check out Kitchy Rentals! Currently there are 4 lovely rental homes available, behind the shop, but privacy screened so you won't even know the rest of the world exists! Only 350L for 200 prims! Come check it out!

Kitchy Rentals, Beryllium (29, 162, 22)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Some changes are coming to KITCHY/UOMO, and i'm clearing out ALOT of inventory! Anything that's currently left in the store is 50% off! After this sale, these items will be gone forever! Sale is for an undetermined amount of time, so get em while you can.

Monday, January 7, 2008

KITCHY New Releases!

A couple of fun things for the ladies!

A sexy outfit that will be perfect for you whether you are hanging on to winter, or looking forward to spring! This outfit includes a belly bearing sweater with an argyle print (hence my incredibly creative name) and black or white jeans with a matching argyle printed belt! It comes in *7* colors (yes..i had fun)...four colors are pastel-ly with white jeans, and 3 colors are deep colors with black jeans.

...Is just that...comfy! An incredibly soft and sexy cardigan in 6 different colors. It's on the jacket layer to wear over your outfit on those chilly (and downright cold!) evenings, or wear it alone to sex it up!

I now have poses up for sale in the store! Directly to your right after you enter is a pose vendor, currently I have 5 modeling poses in the vendor, but more will be coming soon! Check em out! (poses are not included in 10% Update Group discount)

A few reminders...I'm still collecting the weekly skin giveaway entries until wednesday...I won't be doing this giveaway forever, so enter for a chance to win!
Also, Update Group members ALWAYS get 10% off new releases while they are on the new board, so come get it before it goes regular price!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

More News :)

All prim skirts now have SKIRTFLOW! available for purchase! (except for empire waist/babydoll styles, since they just don't fall right) If you have previously purchased a skirt without SKIRTFLOW!, send me a NOTECARD with the outfit name and color choice and i will send a skirt your way! (here are the names of the outfits with skirtflow in them..if you don't see the name of the outfit, then it doesn't have SKIRTFLOW!: Brocade, Clubbin, Curves, Elegance, Holiday, Party, Play, Ribbon, Slinky, Tuxedo, Zesty)

Also, all new releases are now 10% off for Update Group members! These items will be 10% off for as long as they stay on the new items board, there is no set depends on how quickly i get releases out in a given week. :)

You MUST wear you group tag to get the 10% off. Click the vendor of your choice to purchase, and pay the FULL PRICE given. You will then recieve a folder with your items, and will be refunded 10% of the purchase price! If the store is laggy, it may take time to recieve your refund.
Please IM Kitridge DeSantis with any problems.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Member News!

I appreciate my group members very much, and to show that, i am releasing a monthly FREE gift to all of you! I don't know yet if it will be outfits everytime, i might get creative with the prims in the future ;) but for January I have a lovely couples outfit, exclusive and FREE to members only! Come by the store to pick one up! Only available thru the month of January.

Also, starting very soon - most likely with my next clothing release - members will get 10% off all new releases!!!!! Once they go off the new shelf, they will be regular priced, and non members will always pay regular price. So tell your friends to join the Kitchy Update Group for awesome member benefits and discounts!

And don't forget you have one more day to enter this weeks free skin giveaway!

Happy New Year everyone!!