Thursday, January 3, 2008

More News :)

All prim skirts now have SKIRTFLOW! available for purchase! (except for empire waist/babydoll styles, since they just don't fall right) If you have previously purchased a skirt without SKIRTFLOW!, send me a NOTECARD with the outfit name and color choice and i will send a skirt your way! (here are the names of the outfits with skirtflow in them..if you don't see the name of the outfit, then it doesn't have SKIRTFLOW!: Brocade, Clubbin, Curves, Elegance, Holiday, Party, Play, Ribbon, Slinky, Tuxedo, Zesty)

Also, all new releases are now 10% off for Update Group members! These items will be 10% off for as long as they stay on the new items board, there is no set depends on how quickly i get releases out in a given week. :)

You MUST wear you group tag to get the 10% off. Click the vendor of your choice to purchase, and pay the FULL PRICE given. You will then recieve a folder with your items, and will be refunded 10% of the purchase price! If the store is laggy, it may take time to recieve your refund.
Please IM Kitridge DeSantis with any problems.

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