Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*KITCHY*/UOMO New Releases, exciting info!

So much exciting fun this week!

First, KITCHY/UOMO has a brand new location!!! I got tired of taking up all my land with a monstrosity of a store, and wanted a place with some landscaping. Make sure to take note of the new landmark! (The old store will be up for another day or so for stragglers, but all new releases are at the new location)


Next, I am now offering *KITCHY* SKINS!! To start there are 4 skintones (light, medium, tan, and deep) with 5 makeup shades each. (you can purchase individually or together) The skins are located straight back from the entrance (behind the "NEW" walls). I've included a few pictures so you get the main idea, but there is much more available at the store. For now, all skins come with just one option for eyebrows/pubic hair, but there will possibly be more options in the future depending on demand. So come on over and try a demo!

And last, but not least, a couples Christmas outfit named Holiday. The women's outfit includes vinyl bikini top with white fur trim, vinyl undies with santa belt, stockings (with belted trim, fun!), glitch pants (also with belt) and prim skirt. Men's is a pair of pajama pants with the same santa belt and prim fur cuffs. These are available seperately or together at a discount!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday!!!

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