Friday, December 7, 2007

*KITCHY* New Releases

Hello! Some exciting news this week...from the ewing fashion agency blog (if you haven't read this already):

"...Ewing Fashion Agency (”EFA”) and OnRez announced the creation of the Ewing Design Awards in Second Life. With the Ewing Design Awards, EFA and OnRez are creating a global online contest that will unite the entire Second Life community in a celebration of the best that Second Life fashion has to offer. " guessed it, i placed an entry in the contest! This outfit is exclusive only to this can check it out (and purchase it!) at several different places:

OnRez website:

At the Ewing Fashion District:

or at my store:

The only way to win the contest is to get the most votes via purchases made. So if you like it (and me! lol) purchase the outfit at any of the above locations.

You can also get more information about the contest from the EFA blog:


I also have a fun new release...aptly named "Play". A sexy short buttoned up dress with plenty of cleavage and a beautiful brocade fabric. Check it out!

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