Thursday, April 17, 2008

Suspending the biz....

As it always seems to do, RL has killed my creativity and my time (when i do feel creative). I've created things here and there, but one of the things that is stopping me from putting them out for you fine people is the time it takes to create vendors, set everything out, texture everything, send out notices...oye! Either way, i know that i will not be finding the time or motivation to do that stuff anytime soon, so i am instead, finding a compromise. Since i have everything on OnRez and SLExchange, and it is a good medium anyways, i am getting rid of my in-world physical store (though i will be on occasionally so feel free to IM) and only keeping things available on those two websites. I may occasionally have a new release, and will still try to get some fun free things out to my loyal subscribers. So i will be keeping the update group, and i will find some small location in world so that others may subscribe if they wish. Hopefully someday i will be able to return completely with a massive store that takes hours to rez cause there's just so much stuff available. ;) Until then, here are my locations on OnRez and SLExchange:

SL Exchange

Also, the store will remain up for a couple more weeks, so feel free to stop by and admire the surroundings. :)

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